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Dragonmyths Update #6

2017-08-09 08:43:24 by Maxiecole

I'm less than a month away from updating a big update to the game. I hope Newgrounds is okay with me releasing it as a new game, so more people will see it.

Major changes: Been working on fleshing out the content of the game. That means, many more interesting quests with somewhat storyline, NPCs, monsters and items. Noteably magic and alchemy is much more useful.

Instead of one giant world, I've decided to split up the game into several "Levels." You travel to them via NPCs, portals, etc transportation devices. Splitting up scenes was easier said than done X_X - but in the end, this saves memory and allows me to have a bigger scope of the project - even if I'm going mobile.

Durability on items. Whew, that had me refactor the entire system. Easier said than done.

*Removed the minimap - it wasn't very useful anyway.


  • I hope I can find an artist can help me to create a fancy world map.
  • Finish fleshing out the world and quests - increasing the game's length
  • Different music for levels maybe


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